Erica Brooks is the Urban Aviatrix. 


A designer by training and trade, for many years I worked full time in the arts, entertainment and events industries applying modern Agile principles to solve problems creatively and get the good mahi (work) done. Currently I write, facilitate and educate, working in EX, Leadership + Org Development for NZ govt. 

My love for connection, communication and collaboration has resulted in a diverse body of work over 20 years of practice, from brand management, marketing and UX, to business development, sales, media and event production, and work on set in New Zealand’s film industry.

This broad experience reflects my multi-disciplinary interests and approach, woven together by common threads of story, empathy and human connection. I love to build, and build well. People are the reason I do what I do, and I’m a firm believer in business as a holistic enterprise - when we build into those around us, we create strong, supportive, healthy teams that positively impact the world around them. To this end, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing I like to foster positive, collaborative, creative environments where ideas flourish and people feel nourished.

I tend to keep multiple projects on the go and am always up for coffee and kōrero (a chat) if you’re doing interesting things! Get in touch via the form below.

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