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HNY 2023

Sunrise, Jan 01 2023, Te-Whanganui-a-Tara

It’s been a while between posts. The intervening years have been full.

After the bushfires came the pandemic and with it, the ending of my first relationship post-marriage; passion filled, flawed and beautiful. I started working with a trauma therapist and gave up drinking; jumped from the safety and security of a stable role in a small org to a risky new role in a new sector, a decision that opened up whole worlds of possibility; applied (unsuccessfully!) for two scholarships and took up further training; built my final TEDx event for Wellington and recognised my season leading within a community dear to me had run its course; experienced a year of illness, surgery and (ongoing) recovery; met the sunniest human I've ever known and welcomed a new relationship - and an equally sunny dog - into my life.

Years defined by constant change, steep learning curves and fast, lush growth. Last year's ill health narrowed my focus and energy so I spent what I had where it mattered. Enforced rest led me to the work of Adrienne Maree Brown and how to inhabit the paradox between hope and nihilism.

2022 was also the year I (finally) understood that even the best governmental systems and structures are limited in their ability to effect positive change. And that those among us with the most resources - the most power and money - will only ever build the world in their own image.

No one is coming to save us. Not the billionaires, politicians, or systems of governance, none of our gods and goddesses. Fighting for change in these spaces is necessary but our future survival lies within community and collective action. So this is where I currently find my peace and purpose. I'll be writing more but for now -

A few things I read, watched, listened to and learned from in 2022:


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