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Erica Brooks is the Urban Aviatrix - originally named for the international travel I used to do when I was running a media production start up out of Taupō (less glamorous and more gruelling than it sounds!).


Born & raised on Scotland’s wild west coast; grown on Wiradjuri & Gadigal country; now tauiwi in Aotearoa, with the winds of Ruapehu and Raukawa Moana in my hair.


A designer by training and trade, for many years I worked full time in the arts, entertainment and events industries, resulting in a diverse body of work over 20 years of practice - from brand management, marketing, media and events production to business development, sales, start ups, and work on set in New Zealand’s film industry.

This broad experience reflects my multi-disciplinary interests and abilities, woven together by common threads of connection and community. I’m a firm believer in business as a holistic enterprise - when we build into those around us, we create strong, healthy teams that positively impact the world around them. To this end, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing I foster collaborative, creative environments where ideas flourish and people feel nourished.

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